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Australian Health Products.

We are committed to natural health solutions for natural people. It makes sense. Our products will address certain serious conditions, but primarily focus on keeping you healthy. We love what we do.


Thanks for trusting us to help you manage the health of the most important people in the world – your family!

Vitaklenz is a blend of herbs that have been handed down to us from cultures across the world to stimulate cleansing systems within the body, and to support a healthy digestive system. 

Vitaklenz for Kidz is unparalleled as the world’s first dedicated herbal formula in chewable tablets aimed at situations common to children.


Use for a few days , or for a full 30 days to achieve a thorough cleanse.

Vitaklenz Recharge

14 probiotic strains in a naturally-fermented blend of organic grains and wholefoods.


Nature’s complete package: contains prebiotics, probiotics, living enzymes and vitamins.

Wellness program

Complete nutritional enhancement program. Replenish your diet with missing ionic minerals (electrolytes), probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and vitamins. Includes a blend of potent protective herbs.


Every person, every day

Sea Minerals Ionic

The earth’s finest gift to humankind. Over 70 perfectly balanced ionic minerals (electrolytes), fully available and vital to every body function.


Also available with powerful herbal combinations that protect and heal.

Sea Minerals

Nourishing Creams

Soothe aching joints and revitalize damaged skin.


With all the goodness of ionic sea minerals (electrolytes) to hydrate and health, available both with and without Jungle Balm.

Nourishing Cream Massage
Lawang Oil, Jungle Balm

Jungle Balm

From the rainforest to you – relief is here at last.


Feel like yourself again with the powerful effects of this pure, natural oil from the Indonesian jungle.


Superlative hydration beverage. Over 70 ionic minerals perfectly balanced to match what your system needs.


Flavored with real fruit and available in low or no sugar options.

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The Inside Story on Gut Health

Think you've been told all you need to know about gut health? Think again.

Drawing from his 20 years of experience as a researcher and trainer of practitioners, Mark Porter unpacks this vital subject in clear, simple language.

Why does living in a modern world bring us into closer contact with disease? What basic concept of western medicine guarantees eventual failure from the start? How can simple wellness principles from the ages protect our health?

Everything starts with the gut. This is undoubtedly the most important book you never realised you needed to read.

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