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About Genesis


Starting as a small family business in Australia in the late 1990's, Genesis has expanded to become one of the foremost distributors of health products in the world.


Genesis maintains offices and warehousing in Australia and the United States, and has distributorships throughout Asia and Europe. There's a good chance that Genesis products are in your own backyard!

The important

role that Genesis



No one needs another vitamin company. Genesis Health Products is proactive in building awareness for little recognized health threats and products that address them. We help educate people about their health choices. Consumers and professionals alike are provided with a high level of support including quality information on the background of our products.


We are committed to natural health solutions for natural people. It makes sense. Our products will address certain serious conditions, but primarily focus on keeping you healthy.


We love what we do. Feel free to drop us a line at anytime - our contact details are clearly identified on every page, as is our mailing address.


Thanks for trusting us to help you manage the health of the most important people in the world - your family!

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